How to buy guide: Parking permit edition

Thursday, August 4, 2022

How to buy guide: Parking permit edition

Selecting a campus parking permit can be a little tricky if you aren’t sure about the basics of campus parking. Learn a few tips for picking the right permit.

#1: Select the option that fits your needs.

The best option for most students is the Standard permit priced at $480. This permit is valid from the date of purchase until Aug. 14, 2023. 

Students fall into one of two categories: commuters (those living off campus who need to park on campus) or residents (those who live in on-campus housing). 

All students are recognized as commuters until the housing list is updated in the parking system. When this update happens, resident students will receive an email notifying them that they have permission to park in resident lots. 

Students registered for classes at Center City Building will automatically receive permission based on their course schedule in Banner.

Resident students may park in resident lots (color-coded blue and orange), and commuters may park in commuter lots (color-coded yellow and orange).

Learn more about where to park.

#2: Standard permit alternatives for commuters.

 Student taking online classes

Some commuter students may not need an annual permit because their classes are virtual, or they will not be attending classes for the full academic year.

In that case, alternatives to a standard parking permit include:

  • daily permits ($8 per day) that will allow students to park on campus for a day,  
  • permit packs in quantities of 10 ($70) or 30 ($195) that can be used any day of the week to park on campus, or
  • night permits that allow students to park on campus after 3 p.m.

Students who want to purchase a permit for fall may select the fall 2022 semester option. Students who just need a permit for spring and summer semesters may buy a prorated permit at the beginning of the spring semester.

Learn more about daily permits.

#3: Less expensive options are available for commuters. 

Lot 27 sign

For commuters who have to be on campus often, but are willing to park further from the academic center, discount lot permits are available in limited quantities:

  • Lot 27 (map
  • Lot 6A (map)
  • North Deck (map)

Discount lot permits are not valid at Center City Building.

Niner Transit stops are located near these lots and decks. Learn more about Niner Transit.

Now that you are knowledgeable about your parking options, you can confidently buy your permit online.

#4: Determine if a parking permit is right for you.

LYNX light rail

The most cost effective way to get to campus is to take LYNX light rail or a CATS bus. Students have fare-free access to CATS buses, including express routes and Special Transportation Service, and light rail as long as you’ve paid the Miscellaneous Transportation Fee. 

Tip: Not all LYNX stations are free to park in, so check the CATS website for details on where to park and ride.