Transportation Tracking

UNCC Next Ride app icon


UNCC NextRide provides Niner Transit and Niner Paratransit tracking on a map with arrival predictions, schedules and service alerts. The GPS tracking map shows the current location of all vehicles with color-coded route, stop and vehicle icons.


Mobile app

The free UNCC NextRide mobile app is available in the Apple app store and Google Play app store. Search "UNCC NextRide."

How to tag a favorite stop in the app:

  1. Select the route (arrow on the left side)
  2. Then pick a stop (white dot)
  3. Click on the gray star upper right corner. The system will update current data for you for that stop.

Text messaging

The text message alert system allows users to receive SMS text messages showing the arrival time estimates for each bus stop.

How to get text alerts:

The stop ID is posted on the signage at the bus stop pick-up/drop-off location. You can also reference the table below:

Stop IDs

CRI Deck 1
Duke Centennial East 3
Grigg Hall South 4
EPIC South 5
Athletics Complex East 6
Woodward Hall East 7
Popp Martin Student Union East 8
Auxiliary Services East 9
Hickory North 10
Student Health Center North 11
Martin Hall 12
Lot 6 13
Lot 5A  14
East Deck 2 15
Fretwell North 16
Science Building 17
Popp Martin Student Union West 18
Athletics Complex West 20
EPIC North 21
Grigg Hall North 22
PORTAL West 23
Hunt Hall 24
Harris Alumni Center South 25
Foundation South 26
Foundation North  27
Harris Alumni Center North 28
Cone Deck East 29
Reese East 30
Robinson North 31
Cato North 32
Belk Hall North 33
Wallis East/Light Rail 34
PPS/FM/Student Health Center 35
Hickory South 36
Fretwell South 37
Cato South 38
Robinson South 39
Levine West 40
PPS/FM/Student Health West 41
Wallis West/Light Rail 42
Belk Hall South 43
Reese West 44
Cone Deck West 45
South Village Deck 46
Gage UA Center East 47
North Deck/PaTS/FOPS  48
Alumni Way East 49
West Deck South 53
West Deck North 54
Motorsports 55
Alumni Way West 56
Football Stadium/Gate 1 57

Simply text "Nextride," space, and the stop ID number to 41411  (example: Nextride 9)

In just a few seconds, you will get a reply.