Payment Options

Paying for your permit

Permit purchases may be made online through UNCC My Park. Students, faculty and staff have several payment options for purchasing permits. 

One-time credit card charge

All permits may be purchased with a one-time credit card purchase. Select Credit Card - Online Payment.

Payroll deduction

Faculty and staff may choose to pay for their permit through payroll deduction. Payroll deduction will occur every month until the permit is paid in full. Select Payroll Deduction.

Credit Card on File payment plan

Credit Card on File (CCoF) allows a permit purchase to be paid in three equal monthly payments. 

Permits purchased through the CCoF program will be active once the first payment has been completed. All CCoF purchases must be made through UNCC MyPark.

How to purchase a permit with CCoF

Log in to UNCC MyPark to buy your permit. Select your permit term (full year, fall or spring; CCoF will not be an option for summer-only permits). Then select the 3-Month Payment Plan (CCoF) as your payment method. The credit card you use will be saved and used for the two additional payments.

Your first payment will include ⅓ of the total permit price and a non-refundable $20 processing fee. Your credit card will be charged on the same day for the following two months. Example: a permit is purchased on Aug. 15, the card used to make that purchase will be charged for the second payment on Sept. 15 and for the final payment on Oct. 15. You will receive an email five days prior to your scheduled payment to remind you of the upcoming charge. 

Updating your credit card

Saved credit cards may be updated in UNCC MyPark, but must be changed prior to a scheduled payment. 

To update your credit card, login into UNCC MyPark, select Summary and then Account Balance, delete the current card information and add the new card. 

Failed transactions 

Permit holders will be notified via email five days prior to any upcoming payments. If the automated transaction fails, UNCC MyPark will attempt to charge your card once a day for the next four days. Your permit will be canceled after the fifth failed attempt. 

To reactivate your permit, you must come to the Parking and Transportation building and pay off the remaining balance in full.

Canceling your plan

You can log in to UNCC MyPark or call the PaTS Communication Center (704-687-0161) to cancel your payment plan. Your permit will be deactivated as soon as you cancel your plan. To receive a refund, you must call the PaTS Communication Center and request a refund. Refunds are subject to the 2020-2021 Refund Schedule and will not include the $20 processing fee.

Cash or check

You may visit the Parking and Transportation Office to pay with a check or cash.