Parking overview

Parking on campus requires payment.

Parking on campus requires a permit or payment of visitor parking fees whenever the University is open.

Spaces are always available.

Parking spaces near the center of campus fill up quickly on weekdays between 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., but there are plenty of open parking spaces located further out.

Need to park near a building to load or unload?

Call 704-687-0161. In most cases, you will be given 15 minutes.

Parking permits

Permits are required to park anytime the University is open. If you do not have a permit, you must pay to park in a visitor area.

Parking maps

Parking areas on campus are designated for faculty/staff, resident, commuter, motorcycle/moped and daily permit holders. Visitors must pay a fee to park on campus.

Visitor parking

Visitors to campus may park in one of the designated visitor parking decks or pay-by-plate Parkmobile parking areas.

Football parking

On game days, some campus entrances and parking lots will be designated for football traffic and parking only. Football parking permits are required to park in designated lots. Resident students may be asked to remove their vehicles from football lots.


Parking citations are sent electronically. Citations may be paid online through MyPark.

Center City Building parking

Faculty and staff must add Center City permission to your permit at the time of purchase. Students are assigned privileges based on their class schedule in Banner.

Parking availability

The Parking Availability mobile website monitors deck parking availability in real time.