In keeping with the University’s commitment to diversity and accessibility, all CATS light rail stations and trains are accessible:

  • CATS designed the LYNX system to meet or exceed ADA requirements.
  • All CATS stations, and park and ride lots are accessible with either ramps or elevators.
  • Light rail station platforms and light rail vehicles were built to provide level floor, direct access to enter and exit the vehicle without the need for a ramp.
  • Light rail vehicles have doors that open and close automatically.
  • On each platform, there are at least two ticket vending machines which have Braille, audio instructions, and are accessible to customers using mobility aids.

CATS Special Transportation Service (STS) provides door-to-door transit services within Charlotte’s city limits and the towns of Matthews and Pineville for individuals with disabilities certified as eligible according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). STS vehicles connect with Niner Paratransit for campus service. STS service requires user registration and CATS approval before being eligible to ride. This process takes 30 days on average to complete.

Accessible transportation options continue once riders exit the light rail on campus.

  • Niner Paratransit provides scheduled and on-demand disability transport for those with mobility impairments who are registered for the service. Designated pick-up and drop-off locations are located all around campus as close as possible to accessible building entrances.
  • The campus bus system is also fully accessible. Campus Niner Transit buses are fully accessible.
  • Use the PassioGO! app to coordinate all your transportation options in real time.
  • There are accessible pedestrian pathways to and from the UNC Charlotte Main station.

FInd out more about accessibility on campus, ask a question or communicate a concern about accessibility on campus by visiting Campus Accessibility.